University Details

Wenzhou Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University is located at the east coast of China with a motto of Make efforts and Seek Truth. Wenzhou Medical University is under the direct administration of Zhejiang Provincial government since 1912. At present, the entire staffs of the university is leaving no stone unturned to fulfil the motto and meeting success. The faculty has also good academic grade record with rewarded scholarships and discoveries. With credible track record, the university faculty has proved its mettle along with the undergraduate students. With medical programs at the core and other multidisciplinary courses at orbits, Wenzhou Medical University is attaining success.

1. Taught in English with world-class curriculum.
2. Includes internship in top hospitals.
3. Advanced labs and digital assessments to follow the classroom classes.
4. Visiting faculty from Western universities.
5. Guest lecture from noble laureates.
Bachelors in Dental Surgery:
1. World-class curriculum and classrooms.
2. Digital library access with annual subscription.
3. Internships in top rated hospitals.
4. Advanced dental equipments.
5. World-wide recognition of the dental practice.

Admission Criteria

1. Applicant must be non-Chinese citizen.
2. Must be physically and mentally sound.
3. Applicants for the Masters degree must have attain the maximum age of 35 years.
4. Applicants for the Doctorate degree must have attain the maximum age of 40 years.
Wenzhou Medical University has created an international platform to welcome the students of the global community to learn and study medicine in China under exchange programs. To fulfil the requirements the Governments are promoting the academic events in collaboration with China. The promotion entails lowered fee criteria for the students of international community, high-end visa availability, long term permits, and rewarding scholarships that are also recognized in the western countries. It is the effort of the multiple universities who are making dedicated efforts in direction of making medicine course a sole attraction.

Fee structure

First Year 37000 RMB
Second to Sixth Year 35500 RMB
Total Package 22.32 lac INR
2nd to 6th year Includes:- Tution Fee + Hostel Fee + Insurance + Medical + Registration + Visa Extension