University Details

Uzhhorod National University

Uzhhorod National University is known as State University. It is one of the government-run universities in the city of Uzhhorod and earlier in the Soviet Union.
The Uzhhorod National University was set up on 18th October 1945 in agreement with the joint resolution of Council of People's Commissars of Ukraine SSR along with the Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukrainian SSR. The institution is known as one of the main colleges in Ukraine. It has a glorious history over six decades in the field of medical science.

In present days, the university consists of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute, Natural Science and Humanities College and other 20 faculties that cover the whole subjects- law, philosophy, history, science, physics, mathematics, biology chemistry, geography, engineering, physical education, computer technologies, foreign languages etc.


Pre-medical courses are considered as the very first step towards the formal medical education. In Uzhhorod National University, this course is initially designed for students who have succeeded in their matriculation irrespective of the education system of the country. Duration of this course is one year and open for both native and international students.


In Uzhhorod National Medical University MBBS course, the general medical course is one of the popular 6-year courses that students can obtain after getting the MBBS or MD degree by the university. According to the university authority, this course has an ample craze among the students and it helps to obtain good Uzhhorod National Medical University world ranking.

Fee structure

First Year 6500 USD
Second to Sixth Year 4850 USD
Total Package 21.52 lac INR*
2nd to 6th year Includes:- Tution Fee + Hostel Fee + Insurance + Medical + Registration + Visa Extension