University Details

Sichuan Medical University China

Sichuan Medical University is one of those Chinese medical institutions that are taught MBBS program in English for foreign students. This is one of the top-notch medical university of the country that is directly under the Ministry of Education, China. The university is located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. The city Chengdu is known as 'the land of abundance', and it is rich in different regional culture and history. The North Sichuan Medical University has three campuses named Huaxi, Wang Jiang, and Jiang'an. The total area has spread over more than 400 hectares with the total floor space that is approx. 2.7 million sq. Meters. The campuses are situated in the midst of green grooves. Therefore, the exotic flowers make the campus area more exotic and unique than other university campuses of the province.
Students are offered 9 major disciplines of courses that are a social science, Humanities, Management, Natural Science, Economics, Engineering, Law, and Medical Science. The university has a total of 12,000 faculty strength, among them 900 are professors. The university has been ranked 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academia Sinica. This university is running proudly with more than 70,000 students, where more than 2,100 are MBBS students, among which 600 are overseas students. In respect of its diligence and development, the university has proven it the top MBBS university in China.

The university library has been set up in the year of 1896, and it is the largest university library in China, in respect of area as well as the book collection. It is surprising but true that more than 48 lakh books are stored in this library. The university library has spread out into three branches- medical library, liberal of arts & science library, and engineering library. Also, the library has a huge digital collection on its massive database and the electrical resources. The reason to get numerous Sichuan University for Indian students is that most books are available in English.
This library has already introduced more than 30 domestic as well as foreign databases that are featured only in the campus area. More than 60% of the books and digital resource are in English.


The city Chengdu is situated at least situated at the middle latitude, on the Westside of European-Asian continent. Semi humidity, and warm temperature suit all international students. 13o c is the average temperature that hovers around the province. This is why students from all over the world are very much enthusiastic to be in the program of MBBS in Sichuan Medical University, China.

Fee structure

First Year 51800 USD
2nd to 6th year Includes:- Tution Fee + Hostel Fee + Insurance + Medical + Registration + Visa Extension