University Details

Kyiv Medical University

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is one of the top-notch medical colleges in Ukraine. The university has been set up in the year of 1992 and soon has acclaimed as one of the highest learning educational institutes of the country. More than 10,000 health personnel has been trained in Kyiv medical university, mostly dentists, pharmacists, and general practitioners. This medical university in Ukraine is an open platform for world medical studies. Myriads of people come worldwide to become a part of KMU. KMU has recognised by some educational bodies as well as medical councils all over the world including-
Ghana Dental & Medical Council
Nigerian Dental & Medical Council
European Dental & Medical Council
Indian Dental & Medical Council
Pakistan Dental & Medical Council
Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine for 4th accreditation level.

A large part of Kyiv Medical University has been secured for developing scientific researches. Another exciting part about KMU is both the local and global students are encouraged to join the medical research based work here.

Study MBBS in Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is quite enjoyable for the global students. The institution takes the pride of being one of the best medical universities in Ukraine. Therefore, students have practical training in this institution under private healthcare institutions. In this respect, KMU cooperates with some state-of-art facilities such as SNYZHENKO, BORIS, CYBER CLINIC, ISIDA, LISOD, DOBROBUT, OBERIG, and many more.


One must be very concern about living and the accommodation, especially when you are in abroad. Kyiv Medical University hostel is available for international students. Different types of rooms are available for the students. They can afford either 2 seaters or 4 seater rooms. The KMU hostel is located in the Kyiv Medical University campus and the rooms are fully equipped with electricity, 24 hours water supply, television, Wi-Fi, gym, and other facilities. Plus, proper Indian food is prepared for Indian students.


Kyiv Medical University campus is situated in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv, the 8th largest city in Europe, is located in the north-central part of Ukraine. River Dnieper is flowing beside the city, and the city has become the cultural and scientific hub of the country. The city is also specified by the high-tech industries and world-famous historical places. The city is well connected with its environs and metro is its lifeline.

Fee structure

First Year 5500 USD
Second to Sixth Year 4500 USD
Total Package 19.60 lac INR*
2nd to 6th year Includes:- Tution Fee + Hostel Fee + Insurance + Medical + Registration + Visa Extension