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PSP Education

PSP Education is the one-stop station for Medical Students for MBBS Foreign Education Counseling, Admission, Guidance Expert in drafting support. We help medical students who want to study abroad find various educational opportunities. PSP Education was established with a vision to meet the needs of medical seat shortage and high demand in India. Mr. Sanjay Choudhary, Director of the Institution saw great opportunities for our Indian students in foreign medical colleges and founded PSP Education.

We are liable for those students who want to complete their MBBS education abroad. PSP Education helps you from the admission process to travel engagement till finding the best accommodation for you. Each piece of our work is completely transparent. PSP Education being one of the best and notable institutes of India provides very comprehensive services to its medical students. It includes Admission, Documentation, Travel Arrangement, Hostel Accommodation, Provision of Indian Food, and Safety of Students.

Through this initiative, till now more than 3500 medical students are studying in their dream country and university. And are giving their services in many leading hospitals of the world. Our Foreign Medical Graduate Examination Report of the -2020 session was excellent with a 91% passing rate. PSP Education established relationships with 30 trusted and respected universities from 6 countries. We do not tie up with every university, only a few top-rated MBBS universities, which makes the cost a whole lot more. There is only one purpose of our organization: To advise our students for the best possible Institution. so that they can prepare for a bright future. Our Experience Counselors choose the most suitable universities for you as per your choice and budget.

About Director

Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary

Mr Sanjay Chaudhary is the Director of PSP Education. With more than 30 years of experience in the education field, he has helped thousands of students to choose a great career, especially for Medical Students. Mr Chaudhary belongs to Saharanpur and has completed post-graduation from 1991.He has completed his MBBS from Kazakh national medical university in 1997 and grab a PG degree in 2000. He Founded PSP Education in 1991 With a great objective to guide those students who want to pursue their medical studies from abroad. Under his leadership, the company has been successful in achieving its stated objective. Since the inception of PSP Education, till now Mr Sanjay has personally visited more than 200 universities to get an idea of how the education system is there, what infrastructure they use and how they train our students.



Our Mission

The unbroken medium between India and the world for the higher education of medical students. Transparent smooth channel for students to get some of their studies and the best multiple career options. Every medical student should get an affordable education abroad.

Our Vission

Serve the country best in the field of education and be able to enter services for all. Increase the scope of Indian students in foreign education and spread awareness among the candidates. We want to be a stepping stone for medical students to match their success.

Our core values

Right Advice- PSP Education is a squad of respected admission consultants, doctors, and professors from all over India, whose fundamental objective is to make medical students choose the right institute in a foreign country.
No hidden cost- There is complete transparency in the fees from your admission till the completion of the course, no head charge of any kind is taken.